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ITS Telecom

CWU Owned Mobile Devices

For personally owned device information please contact the carrier of your choice

AT&T Mobility - Cellular phones and plans can be found at Login: wildcats / Password: wildcats (Case sensitive)

(Note: This site will not let you order. It is only for pricing purposes. Once you have decided on what you want, please go to the Telecom Cell Request Form, to complete and submit the form.)

  • Under Step One, if you currently have a device choose "no." If you don't have a phone choose "yes."
  • Under Step Two, choose the appropriate action for what you want.
  • Under Step Three, enter the required information.
  • Under the "phones and devices" you can choose the phone you want - click add to cart.
  • Choose the plan you want and click add to cart.
  • Pick any accessories and/or features and add them to the cart.
  • This will bring you to the shopping cart listing the prices of what you have chosen.

Verizon Wireless

Nextel - Cellular Plans can be found at: (link needs updated)
Activation fee with Nextel - $36
Termination policy - You are entering into a contract for one year of service. If you terminate your service prior to the end of the contract term you will be liable for a termination charge of $200.

Blackberry and iPhone Information

  • One-Time Costs
    • Equipment Purchase
    • Server Licensing Fee - $100 per Blackberry purchase.
  • Annual Cost
    • $60.00 Annual maintenance fee billed in July-University Devices.
    • $120.00 Annual maintenance fee billed in July-Personal Devices.
  • Monthly Costs
    • Voice and data plans as outlined above.