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Setup Instructions

Basic instructions on getting your Mobility Pack running on an Android device: The steps may vary a bit depending on the manufacturer of your device. These are general instructions. Look for the keywords, applications, or names and enter the appropriate data. Once you find the correct area for these settings options, this will make sense. It will not necessarily be in the order below, but you will encounter these fields.

  1. You need the following information:
    • The server address is:
    • The server requires a secure connection. Yes to SSL
  2. From the main home page, click on the "Menu" button.
    • Select "Settings"
    • Select "Accounts & Sync"
    • Select "Add account" Choose "Microsoft Exchange or ActiveSync"
  3. It will now prompt you to enter in the information for the account you are adding:
    • First, make sure to choose "Manual Setup."
    • Now you can enter in your
      • email address
          * When entering your email address, make sure you type in a complete username@domain, address. (For example,
      • server address
      • domain (optional) Leave this blank or type anything, it does not matter.
      • username
      • password
      • Also select if your account has an encrypted SSL connection. Use SSL & accept any certificate.
    • Click "Next"
  4. Select to sync mail, contacts, and calendar items (if you wish for these items to be sync to your device).
    • Click "Finish setup"
  5. Your Android should now start syncing all the items that you selected. Go to mail, calendar, or contacts to view the synced items.

You can configure what address books are available on your device and what the server will sync to your device by going to the GWMobile Server and logging in with your Wildcat credentials.

Additional info and specifics for other devices can be found at :

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  1. How much is the initial fee and annual fee for "Extended Data Service", and what is it for?

    ANSWER: The annual fee is $60 for a CWU owned device and $120 for a personally owned device. The fee covers the licensing, maintenance, and service/support costs for the MobilityPak software which is used to synchronize CWU's email, calendar, and other items with the PCD. The cost is higher for a personally owned device because CWU has a standard configuration and plan for devices we own. Personally owned devices come in many flavors and are often more difficult to support and service. There is no initial fee for MobilityPak.
  2. How much is the monthly allowance for use of my personally owned PCD and can it change?

    ANSWER: The monthly allowance for use of a personally owned PCD is dependent on whether you have voice only, or voice and data. Per CWU Policy, the allowance is reviewed each year in May/June by the ITS Department and compared to the market cost of comparable voice and data plans. The allowance may be adjusted up or down (or held constant) depending on the market, and any change in allowance would take effect on July 1 each year. The current allowances can be found in the PCD Procedure.
  3. Why do some meetings and other events show up multiple times in my Calendar?

    ANSWER: This occurs occasionally, and is believed to be the result of a resynchronization issue with MobilityPak. It occurs on all PCDs using MobilityPak and the vendor is aware of the problem. ITS does not recommend deleting the multiple items, as there is risk that the event may get deleted from your main CWU calendar. Rather than delete individual appointments or messages, delete your entire account on the device, reboot and re-install account.
  4. Since I'm using my personally owned PCD for work, does this mean I can use GroupWise as my personal email account for personal purposes?

    NO. Your GroupWise email account is for CWU business only.
  5. What support will the ITS Department provide for my personally owned PCD if I have issues?

    ANSWER: The ITS Department will assist you in re-establishing connectivity between your PCD and MobilityPak to receive your CWU email, calendar items, etc. The ITS Department is not responsible for any other issues with your PCD, since it is personally owned. As the owner, you are responsible for re-downloading any applications or re-setting your personal settings in the event that your PCD must be "RESET TO DEFAULT CONFIGURATION" to connect and synchronize to MobilityPak.
  6. I have my CWU Voice-mail pushed out to GroupWise, but I'm unable to listen to it through my Android. How do I resolve this?

    ANSWER: The Android Operating System is currently unable to play these .wav files, so an Android Application titled REMOTE WAVE must be downloaded from the Application Marketplace for a cost of around $2.00. Once this is downloaded, you will be set to go. When you attempt to listen to a CWU Voicemail in GroupWise on the Android, it will give you options for how to "Complete the action". Choose "Remote Wave" and the voicemail will play. It's very simple to do. This is not a GroupWise or MobilityPak issue, it is an issue with the Android Operating System.
  7. I'm not getting all of the contacts synchronized between my CWU GroupWise account and my Android. How do I set up which Address Books I want to synchronize?

    ANSWER: You can adjust your synchronization settings by going to the Data Synchronizer at following link (which is also available from the left-hand menu of the "Personal Communication Device Support Website") . Instructions for how to utilize the Data Synchronizer to customize your settings are available in the INSTRUCTIONS area of this website.
  8. I just changed my Wildcat Password on my computer, and now my Android is not able to synchronize my email and other services. What do I do?

    ANSWER: You need to change the password in your Android GroupWise Email settings to be the same as your Wildcat Password. Instructions for changing your synchronization password in your Android are available in the Change Password area of this page. Please note that not all Android Phones operate the same, so updating the password in your phone may vary slightly from the instructions.
  9. What if my device is out-of-sync with the GroupWise Mailbox and/or Calendar?

    ANSWER: Delete your entire account on the device, reboot, re-install account and GroupWise Mailbox and/or Calendar will then be back in sync.
  10. What if my Calendar is missing appointments or showing multiples of the same appointment?

    ANSWER: Delete your entire account on the device, reboot, re-install account and the GroupWise Calendar will then be back in sync.

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Change Password

How to change your GROUPWISE password in your Android after you change your Wildcat Password on the Network.

  1. Open up GroupWise Email in the Android.
  2. Press your "index" button on the Android (4 parallel horizontal lines at the bottom of the Android).
  3. Select "Account settings."
  4. Scroll down and select "Incoming settings."
  5. Type in your new Wildcat Password where it says Password.
  6. Press "Next" at the bottom of the screen

Known Issues

  1. Can't play wave files without third party App. See above.
  2. Menu systems may be slightly different on the various models of "Droids."

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