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Initial Network Account Setup

After submitting your application to CWU, you will receive an acceptance letter that includes the following information:

  • Your Student ID and PIN numbers are as follows:
    • Your CWU Identification number (Student ID): 12345678
    • Your Personal Identification Number (PIN): Z1234

These two numbers are important. Don't lose them.

Follow the instructions in the letter to create your user name and password or go to:

  1. Your password must be 8-14 characters in length.
  2. You may not use a previous password.
  3. GroupWise passwords are case sensitive. Network passwords are not case sensitive.

When you have filled in the fields and submitted the form, the window that pops up will show your account information, including your user name. We suggest you print this for future reference.

At this point you have an "applicant" account that is limited to Safari access only. You won't have access to GroupWise email, network storage, wire less networking, or be able to login on a CWU computer.

After you register for classes, your account status will change (usually within 24 hours) to "student" status and you will have full access to CWU computing resources. However, in order to activate your GroupWise account, you'll need to resubmit the form at: (you can enter the same password you’re currently using). That will synchronize your network and email passwords and you’ll then be able to login to GroupWise ( using your Safari login information.