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E-help desk gives you the ability to create your own Help Desk tickets. It also allows you to be able to check the status of your requests, and add updates (comments) to your tickets.

Logging in
You can login to eHelpDesk by typing in into your internet web browser.


The login page will have the following fields:

Fill in the Login Id and Password fields with your Wildcat username and password (the same as you use for GroupWise).

Once you log in, this is the main page you will see:

Park your mouse over the icons at the top to display the screen tip that lets you know what clicking on that icon can do. To create a new ticket click on the Create New Ticket button or the icon with the green plus sign.

Logging out
When you are done with checking your tickets you can log out of eHelpDesk by clicking on the door icon at the top of the web page.

If you need some help using eHelpDesk please feel free to call the Help Desk ext 2001. Or email the Help desk at

Submit a Request

Required fields

There are certain fields in each section that are required. These are indicated by an asterisk and explained below:

  1. Contact Information: will be filled in for you.
  2. Ticket Info: The information gathered from this section is very important because the more information you put in the ticket, the easier it is to assign the ticket and get the problem fixed faster. If the description is incomplete you will receive a call back for more information.
    • Location - this is the location where the problem is, which may be different from your contact information above (i.e. submitting the ticket for someone else).
    • Group - this gets filled in automatically under HelpDesk.
    • Category - this gets filled in automatically under HelpDesk.
    • Category option - click the drop-down arrow next to the field and pick from the available list that best fits.
    • Assignment - this gets filled in automatically once the Category option field is filled in by you.
    • Building - seems redundant since you already filled it in above but is necessary for internal processing.
    • Room number - the location of the problem (which may be different from your location).
    • Tag number - You will find your tag number on a silver tag on your computer it says "Property of Central Washington University."
  3. Description: The only required field in this section is Subject; this is something that briefly describes the problem like "windows crashing" or "getting error message." You can then supply more detailed information in the Note field. Tip: If you are getting an error message, you can either type in the text of the message in the Note field or take a screen shot of it and attach it with the Attachments field.
  4. Submit: When you have finished filling out the ticket hit Save Changes and that will submit your ticket.

If you haven't filled in one of the required fields after clicking Save Changes, you will get a "ticket not saved" error message at the bottom of the window, and the missing field will be highlighted. Once the ticket has been saved successfully, you can close the window.

Viewing Requests

Open requests
When you first open eHelpDesk, the page that displays shows your open tickets; if not, you can click on the My Ticket icon, then you can see the status on the screen.

Closed requests
If you would like to see your closed tickets, just put a check in the Show closed check box and it will list all of your closed tickets.

Updating an open ticket
If you would like to update an open ticket, double click on the ticket and you will see the Add comment button which will open a separate box to add your update.

Click the Save Changes button and sign out of eHelpDesk when you are done.

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