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Computer Support Services

WIN-WIN Program Request Form - PC

To replace old computer systems on campus for new CWU campus standard systems, please complete all relevant fields and click on the Submit button. For more information, please go to official WIN-WIN policy page (link up) .

Department Information

Person to contact if CSS has questions:

Budget Info

Budget Signatory (faculty or staff names only):

Please type in your department's 9 digit budget number
Section 1 - The New Computer

User of the New Computer (faculty or staff names only):

Install location for new computer:

Please provide the tag number that is on the computer you are using NOW

Do you want all data transferred from your old computer to the new computer?

If you are 'trickling' your old/current computer, complete section 2 below.

Section 2

The Trickle computer (the computer you'd like us to relocate from Section 1)

Please type in the tag number (from old computer) that is contained in section 1 above.

The person/location this computer is trickling "FROM" is identical to the person/location information in section 1 above.

Type in the First name, Last name, building and room of the person this computer is going "TO."

Section 3 - The Exchange computer (the one we will take with us when we leave):

Please enter tag number(s), building(s), and location(s) for computers to be exchanged. See sections 1 or 2 above.

Location(s) of computers to exchange:
See sections 1 and 2 above
Other computer to exchange?

Note: Section 1 and 3 are required regardless. Section 2 is required ONLY if trickle-down is required in Section 1.

Do you have any additional comments or information to provide?

New computers come with the standard software load, details of which may be found here.