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Computer Support Services

PC Standard Software Load

This is the standard software that will come pre-installed by CSS on every new PC computer, unless you specify otherwise.

Software:What it does:
Windows 7 64-bitOperating System
MS Office 2013 ProfessionalOffice Suite
MS Project 2013 ProfessionalProject Management
Internet Explorer 10Internet Browser
FireFoxan alternative Internet Browser
Adobe Acrobat ProfessionalPDF editor
Flash PlayerCommon Browser add-on
ShockwaveCommon Browser add-on
QuickTimeMovie player and Browser add-on
iTunesA Music Player
JavaCommon browser add-on
Novell ClientRequired for accessing CWU network
GroupWiseCWU email application
GroupWise MessengerCampus Instant Messaging Program
Windows DefenderSpyware protection
Sophos AntiVirusAntivirus Protection

If you are interested in Microsoft software that is not listed, please email for availability and pricing.