CWUNewsNews Lab Software by October 15, 17 Apr 2014 11:01:29<p>Winter quarter will be here before you know it.&nbsp; Information Services (IS) needs input from faculty who use the student computer labs for instruction.&nbsp; In order to get the labs ready for winter quarter we need to know by October 15 what software will be required.&nbsp;&nbsp; This date also coincides with the deadline for winter book orders.</p><p>Information Services provides standard software for the labs that includes Windows 7 or Apple OS X and SPSS, Adobe suite, and Microsoft Office including Project.</p><p>For additional software that is needed please&nbsp; go to:&nbsp; <a href="/its-css/node/2217"></a>&nbsp; and look at&nbsp; the various options under “Student Computer Lab Info” on the left and for each software application that is needed and fill out the software request form at:</p><p><a href="/its-css/node/2470"></a></p><p>The following link&nbsp; <a href="/its-css/node/2469"></a>&nbsp; shows the current list of installed lab software.&nbsp; This list will change, so please do not assume that because the lab currently has software needed that it will be there next quarter if it is not requested.&nbsp; Multiple labs and multiple quarters may be selected when requesting each application.</p><p>Any needed software must be provided with sufficient licensing for all computers in the lab where it is needed.&nbsp; We must honor license agreements and some software free for individual use is not legal for use at our institution without cost.</p><p>Please help us and request the software that will be needed for winter so that we may have time to get the lab ready for use over the break.&nbsp;</p><p>Jim Pruitt</p><p><em>Student Computer Lab Administrator</em><br><em>Computer Support Services</em></p>