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IBM SPSS Statistics

Please be aware that CWU’s license for IBM SPSS Statistics software will expire at the end of August 2020 and will not be renewed. This means that SPSS software installed on any CWU owned computer may cease to function on September 1st Information Services staff will be removing the application from CWU lab and classroom systems, but it may still be present on some computers after September 1. We will not be removing the application from faculty or staff computers, but it will stop working if it was originally provided by Information Services.


In the event that you will continue to require SPSS for teaching, research, or business use, your department will need to purchase individual licenses for the software.  OnTheHub by Kivuto is a software vendor that offers SPSS and many other applications at a substantial discount for educational customers. You can review software titles offered by OnTheHub and place an order at their website if you or your department would like to purchase an individual license: 


OnTheHub also offers substantial discounts to students, and faculty should feel free to share this information with any students who wish to purchase software titles. Other vendors may offer this software as well; OnTheHub is just one vendor that is focused to serving the educational community.


If you have any questions, please contact the IS Service Desk at (509) 963-2001 or email


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