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Computer Support Services

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Computer Support Services (CSS) helps our Student, Academic, and Administrative community with their desktop technology.

Some of the services provided include warranty and out of warranty support, systems delivery, new equipment checkout, software installation and installation assistance, student computer lab management, and distribution of CWU site-licensed software. Our technicians assist customers with data transfer from old to new computers when new equipment is installed.

CSS technicians are the second level of technical assistance. They work in conjunction with Service Desk technicians in Client Support Services for coordinated troubleshooting.

Our services are scheduled and tracked by an online work order system called TeamDynamix. If you schedule service, please record the ticket number of your service call. This will empower you to reference the specific service call if needed, and also to track online progress updates as work is performed.

Initiating a service call is done by selecting the link below or by speaking with one of the Service Desk staff members at 963.2001.

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