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Information Technology and Administrative Management

Study Abroad with ITAM . . .

Information Technology and Administrative Management ITAM in Central Europe The adventure of your life starts before graduation

Each summer the Department of Information Technology and Administrative Management leads a group of students on a life-changing experience through Central Europe! This faculty-led study abroad class is presented in English and offers students a chance to experience the information technology industry, retail management industry and administrative management areas of 4-5 Central European countries. This trip allows students to experience first hand the languages, cultures and business ideologies in post-Socialist Central Europe. For students majoring in our program, the 10 credits from this course can be used to fulfill the internship requirement!

Now accepting applications for Summer 2016!

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Trip dates: June 19th - July 14th

To learn more and get your application, email David Douglas at

Trip highlights from 2015 include:

  • A visit to the Volkswagon/Skoda Factory in Vienna
  • Presentation at the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus in Budapest
  • Danube River Cruise for the Fourth of July
  • Guided tour of Auschwitz and Birkenau
  • Tour of Rynek Underground in Krakow
  • Visit to Prague Hrad and Cathedral

Students will also attend presentations and seminars on topics such as:

  • International Culture and Leadership Effectiveness
  • Central European History and Communism
  • Trencin Self-Governing Region

Course objectives include:

  • To study firsthand Central European international retail management, information technology management, and administrative management within the context of operating European businesses.
  • To meet and learn from Central European managers within the context of their operational environment.
  • To observe and compare international retail management strategies, information technology management systems, and administrative management areas.

The Teachers:

Dr. Lori Braunstein is professor of Administrative Management in the Information Technology and Administrative Management Department at Central Washington University.   She has taken faculty-led groups to Europe and Central Europe 5 times through Central Washington University and City University of Seattle, and has accompanied over half a dozen CWU faculty and staff to Central Europe.

David Douglas lived in Germany in the mid-80’s during his time in the US Army.  He was just over 17 years old when he landed and stayed for a year and a half.  His time there left a permanent mark in his memory about European culture and he always wanted to go back. 

Now each summer he leads ITAM students through Central Europe, an amazing part of the world with a rich history.  From exploring hidden corners of cities, to hiking, to Segway tours in Prague and Krakow, David has stories. He may even tell you about leaving part of himself in Krakow, literally, a part of his face.

Laurie Stehle is the Director of BAS and Online Programs for the department of Information Technology and Administrative Management. She has helped guide two ITAM student groups through Central Europe – and not a soul has been lost yet! A lover of historical architecture and art, you will find her peeking inside every church and cathedral we pass on the tour. She and Dr. Braunstein can tell you where to find the best cappuccino in town!


Dr. Robert Lupton is professor of Retail Management and Technology in the Information Technology and Administrative Management Department at Central Washington University.  He has been department chair since 2008. He recently returned from Slovakia where he completed his nine-month sabbatical research on mobile apps and marketing technology.   His international research has been published in the Journal of Allied Health Sciences, Journal of Consumer Marketing, Marketing Educators’ Association Proceedings, Journal of Education for Business, International Journal of Educational Management, Journal for Global Business Education, European Retail Digest among others.  Dr. Lupton has lived, worked, researched, and traveled in Europe and Central Europe since 1989.  His international research areas include applied marketing; retail social networking and digital download; IT ethics; and retail social marketing. 

He has taken faculty-led groups to Europe and Central Europe 11 times through Colorado State University, Central Washington University, and City University of Seattle, and has accompanied over a dozen CWU faculty and staff to Central Europe as well as faculty and directors from other universities.  He has taught undergraduate and graduate students in Central Europe and Western Europe at various locations and countries including MBA students working in industry.  As an educator, a researcher and a consultant in Central Europe, Dr. Lupton has been an important player in the transition of those countries to a market driven economy from a command economy.

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