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Information Technology and Administrative Management

Answers to your questions about MS-ITAM

Master of Science in Information Technology and Administrative Management Frequently Asked Questions

The Master of Science in Information Technology and Administrative Management is an exciting new program and here you can find the answers to many of the most common questions. We update this page regularly as information becomes available.

Admission Questions

Application Questions

Tuition and Financial Aid

Program Questions

What can you do with an MS-ITAM degree?

You can use the degree in whichever way you want to because it is a broad content degree that prepares you for an entry or mid-level management position in any size business.  We teach the soft skills and conceptual skills required of leaders and managers.  Those skills include conflict resolution, communication, project management, etc. plus the foundation of technical skills that are within all businesses.

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Do I need a Bachelor's degree in a related field?

Fortunately most areas of study are related to this program with the specialization in Administrative Management that we offer.  You would need to meet the requirements that graduate studies has for the application.

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Does this program have some flexibility for those of us with 8-5 jobs?

Yes, this program is offered 100% on-line and 100% in-class.

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What are the application requirements?

The application requirements are:

1. Application ($50.00 fee/can apply online: - When applying online you must use a credit card to pay the $50 application fee. Your application will be denied indefinitely if you use a fraudulent credit card. Please ensure you use a valid credit card to pay your application fee.

2. Statement of Educational and Professional Objectives (may be submitted with your online application; It should be a clear, informative letter about your interest in graduate study, research interests, pertinent work experience, and career goals)

3. Three letters of recommendation (May be submitted online with your application by supplying contact information for your three recommenders.  These recommenders will receive an automatic email notifying them of your request to complete a recommendation.  If your recommender prefers to send a letter by mail, forms can be found here:

4. Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended.  If the transcripts are from CWU, they do not need to be resubmitted.

5. 3.0 GPA or above on your last 90 quarter credits/60 semester credits

6.  There are no GRE or GMAT requirements.

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What should be in my personal statement?

The statement of educational and professional objectives is one of the most important deciding factors for entrance into the MS-ITAM program. One website that may help you guide your organization of the letter is:

Your statement should portray you as:

  • Passionately interested in an ITAM field and/or how you will apply the knowledge to your future profession
  • Well-prepared academically and personally
  • Able to take on the challenges of graduate school
  • Able to have rapport with professors and fellow grad students - in other words, collegial

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Are the GRE and GMAT required for the MS-ITAM program?

No, they are not.

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Can I submit an unofficial transcript if I haven't graduated yet?

No.  But you do have the option of submitting an official transcript up to the point you are at currently and then resubmitting your official transcript after graduation.  Your application status would be pending on the submission of the final official transcript.

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Does the ITAM committee require a writing sample?

A writing sample is not required.

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Are students being enrolled in the program on a regular basis until registration closes on September 1st or are applications being stockpiled?

We are accepting applicants on a rolling basis until the program is filled for Fall quarter.  Early applications are highly encouraged.

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What does rolling basis mean? Is it a first come first served type of situation?

Yes, the Program currently is on a first come first serve basis.  It's a good idea to get your application in sooner than later.

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Will the application for enrollment specify online cohort or in-class cohort?

The final application form will have that option, but that will be a few more days while it gets updated.  Right now students can apply under the Individual Studies option on the application form, but they should state in their letter what modality there are interested in.  We will be following up with applicants to determine their preferred modality once their application is complete.

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How do I indicate my preference for the online cohort or in-class cohort on my application?

E-mailing is sufficient in letting the department know of your preference.

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I started to complete the on-line application for the ITAM graduate program, but do not find the major listed under "Intended Major ". How do I indicate my program choice?

If you don’t see the major listed, use INSTMSG.

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How long does it take to hear if I have been admitted into the program?

Graduate Studies will forward your completed application to ITAM.  Once ITAM has your application, it takes 2-4 weeks.

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Do I need to have my internship completed prior to applying?

You will just need to provide an updated transcript after you complete your internship.

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If the degree is completed in 4 quarters, how does the coursework compare to a full time BAS-ITAM workload?

The coursework is more intensive and includes more writing since it is on the Master's level.

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Is the Written Project completed in a quarter or throughout the year?

The written project is integrated through all of the course work.

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What is Boot Camp?

Boot Camp is a course geared towards supplying the student with information they need to succeed in the program.

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Can I use the state employee tuition waiver for this program?

Due to high demand, we are unable to accept state/CWU tuition waivers for this program at this time. It is best to pay full price and be treated like a student. This will allow you to enroll as a regular student and better ensure you get the classes you need, when you need them. Gaining access to the classes you need in a timely fashion will allow you a greater opportunity to finish within the year.   It is also important to note that using the employee tuition waiver limits you to 8 credits per quarter and gives you last priority for enrollment. We expect many state employees will seek the degree using waivers, so if you do the same, you will be in competition with many others. 

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Can I take in-class sessions at CWU satellite centers?

There are no classes at centers planned at this time.

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Can I transfer from an online cohort to an in class cohort midway through the program?

You can transfer if there are openings, but we can’t guarantee there will be openings.

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Can I transfer from another Masters’ Program to this program if I feel that it is a better fit for me?

Possibly. We would need to see an unofficial transcript or syllabus for review.

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Who are the faculty members for the graduate program?

Graduate faculty will include Drs. Trumpy, Takei, Dias Portelas, Lupton, N., Wang and new faculty members.

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Do students who are currently in the ITAM program get first priority?

ITAM students do not get first priority.  It is a competitive admission process.

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Are there any pre-requisites for the course?

Only the Requirements of Graduate Studies.

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Is our program available part time?

This program operates in a cohort model, therefore, we can only accept full-time students.

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How much is tuition?

Approximately $16,000 for the program for in-state students if they go full-time and complete it in one year.  This is approximate depending on course fees and textbooks.  Please visit for additional information.

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If I am a staff member, can I use the 1/2 price tuition for myself or is it only for dependents?

It is only for dependents. Please see

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If I am attending CWU and applying for the program, do I need to send an official transcript to a certain department?

No, if your transcripts are from CWU, the official transcript will be sent to Graduate Studies electronically.

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What field should my Bachelor's degree be in to transition into this program?

Because of the Administrative Management specialization, this program applies to most fields.

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What time will the in-class sessions be?

Class times have not been established at this point.  Please check back for class times at the end of June.

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Are there weekend classes available?

There are no weekend classes.  You have the option of attending this program 100% on-line.

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Will I be accepted into the program if I come from a non-accredited college or university?

CWU requires students to come from an accredited institution.

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Would I qualify for this Program based on my Bachelor’s degree from out of the country?  It has been evaluated and deemed valid in the U.S.

Because you have already had your transcript evaluated, it would not need to be evaluated again by our CWU evaluator.  The department you are applying to will evaluate the transcript after you have applied for admission through Graduate Studies.

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I have been accepted into the MS-ITAM program. When can I register?

August 1st is the date of open enrollment and that is when you will be able to register.  We will be sending an email to everyone letting you know which classes and sections to register for about a week before this.

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