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ITAM Minors and Certificates

ITAM Minors make a major difference.

ITAM Minors

Each of our nine minors will complement any major field, helping CWU students stand out from the crowd and be competitive in today's job market. Applied, relevant skill sets develop individuals ready to handle the challenges of modern global industry. Browse what we offer.

ITAM Certificates

For individuals who do not have the time for a full major program, our certificate options provide a pathway for busy professionals to expand their credentials and advance their career. Browse what we offer.

Majoring in business, finance, or supply chain management?

Our Cybersecurity, Structures of Data Analytics for IT Managers, Project Management, or Administrative Management minors will add real-world skills to make you stand out.

Will you be a teacher?

Consider adding a minor in Innovation through IT or Modern IT Applications to prepare you for the modern curriculum and successful instructional design.

Ready for a career in engineering or construction management?

A minor in Project Management will give you the competitive edge in handling any job, large or small. Or, a minor in Administrative Management will develop your leadership skills, helping you maximize the potential of your employees.

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