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Information Technology and Administrative Management

College of Education and Professional Studies

Administrative Management Specialization

Get ready to be a leader!

The sophisticated skill sets gained in FlexIT open the door for managerial roles in a variety of businesses and industries. It augments the skills and experience you already posses to make you more promotable in your chosen field.


Advance in your current field or explore new opportunities

Bring more to the table - The FlexIT system allows students to gain new, relevant skills while moving quickly through familiar knowledge areas. With classes ranging from database management to cybersecurity to leadership and supervision, FlexIT students fill their knowledge gaps and gain abilities that immediately improve their job performance.

Move into management - Companies want to promote from within. They get managers who understand the ins and outs of the business, the corporate culture, and have strong working relationships with their fellow employees. The skills in FlexIT graduates are prepared to move into leadership roles and earn credentials that make them more promotable.

Make a change - Many of our students feel they have hit a professional plateau and that they haven't reached their dream job. The curriculum in this program opens doors to new opportunities in new fields with major companies.

Start your own business - Entrepreneurs need applied skills and knowledge to transform their vision into a reality. The Administrative Management specialization helps innovators structure a successful business, make solid hiring decisions, manage company finances, create databases, and effectively motivate teams to excel.

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