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Information Technology and Administrative Management

Ellen Bjorge

Ellen Bjorge

Email: | Office: Hebeler 101

Every team needs a uniform and for ITAM, I'm the one who designs it. I create the ITAM user experience and user interface, from our web presence and our online applications to our templates, signage and in-house printed resources. I never know what I'm going to be from day to day: videographer, web designer, copy writer, photographer, market analyst, graphic designer, Photoshop diva. Whatever the job that springs up on my desk, I strive to provide ITAMers with seamless access to the most current resources and information.


Most days, I'm a moving target but I am always happy to schedule a meeting. Send me a quick email and we can set up a time. I try to be in my office in the mornings M-Th and if you drop by, I might even make us a pot of tea.

The best way to reach me: Email or Skype for Business. I will occasionally need to go into isolation mode for creative work or because a deadline is coming up but I will always answer an email/IM and set up the meeting.

Project requests: If you have a project to add to my work queue, please try to give me as much advance notice as possible. I want to do my best work and create effective resources so a minimum two-week lead time is ideal. Also, please be sure to include all of the details in an email. That way we can have a written record and stay on the same page during the creative process.

I can help you with:

  • Promoting your event/club/talk/etc. with the ITAM Department
  • Getting ITAM marketing materials and information
  • Improving the ITAM UX - I'm always ready to listen to feedback and make changes if something isn't working
  • Resource creation - Was there something missing that would have helped? Let me know and we'll see what we can build
  • Getting started in your IT-Management career with our IT101 Computer Applications course - yes, I teach too!

"Inspiration exists, but she has to find us working."

~Pablo Picasso