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Digital Forensics and Incident Response Minor and Certificate

As cyber crime increases, so does the job market for proficient digital forensics investigators and technicians. ITAM's newest minor teaches students the latest techniques in digital forensics and incident response along with security testing and computer system diagnostics. They will gain knowledge specific to standard computer operating systems, networks, and hardware as well as security software and document-creation applications.

Hands-on activities will:

  • Explore techniques used to investigate crimes perpetrated over the internet, in the cloud, and other telecommunications networks
  • Analyze crimes such as fraud, espionage, and social engineering, email scams, and phishing
  • Delve into specialized areas of digital forensics including information hiding, anti-forensics, and network forensics, data hiding, cryptography, and steganography
  • Help students gain insight into the motives behind white-collar crime and the enforcement strategies and techniques applied in these cases

ITAM minors make a major difference.

Ways to Learn

Required Courses for the 2021-2022 Catalog
IT 238

Introduction to Cyberwarfare

IT 336

Digital Forensics

IT 351 Computer Networks 4
IT 370

The Command Line Interface and Cybersecurity

IT 436


IT 437

Mobile and Cloud Forensics

Total Credits: 24