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Information Technology and Administrative Management

Bachelor of Applied Science Curriculum

2014-2015 Catalog Requirements:

Core Requirements:

ADMG201Introduction to Business3
ADMG271Business Math Applications4
ADMG302Financial Analysis5
ADMG371Administrative Management4
ADMG372Leadership and Supervision4
ADMG374Project Management5
ADMG385Business Communication & Report Writing5
RMT340Principles of Selling4
RMT366Customer Relationship Management4
  Total Core Requirements:38

Plus ONE of these specializations:

Administrative Management Specialization:
IT260Integrated IT Applications5
IT359Advanced Spreadsheet Applications3
ADMG424Administrative Management Policy4
ADMG471Leading Change4
RMT379Internship Planning1
ADMG490Cooperative Education (Summer Only)7-10
Total Specialization Requirements:24-27


Information Technology Specialization:
(Available only to students with an IT-related degree)
IT301IT Security, Privacy and Ethics3
IT376Project Management and Information Technology3
IT461Systems Analysis4
IT486Critical Issues in IT4
Department approved electives3
RMT379Internship Planning1
IT490Cooperative Education (Summer Only)7-10
Total Specialization Requirements:25-28


Cybersecurity Specialization:
IT238Introduction to Cyberterrorism4
IT336Digital Forensics4
IT351Computer Networks4
IT438IT Risk Management4
RMT379Internship Planning1
IT490Cooperative Education (Summer only)7-10
Total Specialization Requirements: 32-35


Additional Program Requirements:

This major requires significant study in the upper-division level. This includes the completion of the CWU Breadth Requirements and four of the Basic Skills Requirements. One class in each Breadth and Basic Skills category is required. An equivalent class from a community college may be accepted.

These Four CWU Basic Skills Requirements:

English 1014
English 1024
Logic and Reasoning4-5
Total Basic Skills Requirements17-18

And these CWU Breadth Requirements:

Literature and the Humanities4-5
Philosophy & Cultures of the World4-5
Perspectives on World Culture4-5
Patterns & Connection in the Natural World4-5
Fundamental Disciplines of Physical & Biological Science4-5
The Aesthetic Experience4-5
Perspectives on the Cultures & Experiences of the US4-5
Foundations of Human Adaptations and Behavior4-5
Applications of Natural Science4-5
Total CWU Breadth Requirements36-45

PLEASE NOTE: While we no longer require the Basic Skills classes to be completed before being admitted to our program, it is advisable to take them at the community college level or through Washington Online Learning at prior to beginning your coursework at CWU. Also, due to availability, we suggest students complete a science lab class before to applying to CWU for admission.

To learn more about transfer course equivalencies for Washington community colleges, click here.

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