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Information Technology and Administrative Management

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The Information Technology and Administrative Management (ITAM) Advisory Board provides leadership, direction, and support to the constituencies ITAM department serves. It provides a link to those individuals and organizations with the resources, knowledge, and contacts ITAM department needs to achieve its objectives and fulfill its mission of maintaining currency and relevancy, and best serving the students.

Guiding Roles

  • Act as advisor to the ITAM faculty and staff on matters relating to the advancement of the department, its programs and courses, and information technology hardware and software needs, as prescribed by industry.
  • Endorse and advocate for the ITAM to raise its profile as a leading IT Administrative Management department in the state of Washington.
  • Help build strong relationships between the business community and ITAM department by encouraging organizations and individuals to recruit students, employ graduates and contribute to student learning through mentoring, experiential projects, classroom visits, and internships.

Current Members

Chris Larson
Air/Sea Systems Specialist
Brent Weisel
Senior Consultant
Andrew Kolve
Software Engineer
Kim Frost
Managing Director
Anthony Brown
Director of Program Management
Koray Ozcubukcu
Director of Business Architecture
Stephanie Wildman
Systems Analyst for Treasury
Kim Obbink
Jeremy Reddick
Web Developer
Chad Laske
Director of Customer Engagement Systems
Synba Wang
Resource 25 Systems Administrator
Alain Dias

Dragontail Capital

John Song

SDL Social Intelligence

Michael Thore
Managing Partner

Talent Network

Cathy Munson

Washington State Legislative Service Center