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Office of International Studies and Programs


What about traveling outside the U.S. and re-entering the U.S.?

If you leave the U.S. and plan to return to CWU to resume your program of study, you will need to have a signature from one of the five immigration designated school officials (DSOs) at CWU in order to re-enter the U.S. A travel endorsement (signature) on the back of your I-20 is good for one year. However, it is strongly advised that you obtain a signature every six to eight months when traveling outside the U.S. and expect to re-enter.

It is your responsibility to obtain a signature from one of the DSOs at CWU:

Once you have completed your program of study and do not intend to continue studies either at CWU or at another U.S. institution, you may travel within the U.S. within the 60-day period following completion of your program of study before you are required by immigration to depart from the U.S.