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Office of International Studies and Programs


Our students come from many different countries including Japan, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Korea, Spain, Turkey, China, Mexico, Thailand, and Vietnam. They make American friends and also friends from many other countries while studying in the UESL Program. Many UESL students go on to take undergraduate classes at Central Washington University and graduate with BA or BS degrees. Some students enter communicty colleges or other universities.


Some former UESL students have been accepted into Master's programs in fields such as music, psychology, physics, and education.

Successful graduates are working in their home countries in public relations, airlines, international trade, construction, social work, education and broadcasting.


One student from Korea, Sunghwoan Kim, wrote recently:

"It has been 10 years since I left CWU, currently I'm working for Samsung at Austin, Texas. I think the experience at CWU is still helping me as my job requires English communication skills here. So I really appreciate the help which you and many teachers who taught me during my UESL period gave me."