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Office of International Studies and Programs

Student Writing

You can view some samples of our Student Writing here:

Advice to New Students by Jason, Taiwan

Advice for New UESL Students by Emika Takida, Japan

Advice for New ESL Students by Andy, China

Advice to Students with Families by Sahar Al-Shehri, Saudi Arabia

A Letter for a New Student by Sean, Taiwan

Do You Want to Study Abroad? by Norah Alzahrani, Saudi Arabia

Ellensburg is safe and peaceful by Natalie, China

Essay about Ellensburg by Bader Alanazi, Saudi Arabia

Everyone Can Succeed if We Study in the CWU ESL Program by Jungyung Jang, Korea

How You Can Find a Good ESL Program by Ahmed Alzahrani, Saudi Arabia

Imagine by Huijin, Korea

Jin's Essay by Mijin, Korea

Max's Essay by Max, Taiwan

Reasons to study in Ellensburg by Rick, Taiwan

Reasons to study English in Ellensburg by Hochul, Korea

Reasons to study English in Ellensburg by Kasumi, Japan

Reasons to Study English in Ellensburg by Miku Okubo, Japan

The Best Advantage by Hassan Bujayli, Saudi Arabia

To study in Ellensburg by Hsia-Chih, Taiwan

Why People Study English in Ellensburg by Rian Takamoto, Japan

Why Should People Study English in Ellensburg? by Asako Tanaka, Japan