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Office of International Studies and Programs


Passages Newsletter - Spring 2008

New Faculty Exchange Opportunities
By: Michael Launius, Executive Director


One of OISP's central missions is the promotion of faculty professional development through exchange opportunities with our many and varied international partner institutions. Over the past two years we have established a number of new relationships with universities in Europe, Latin America, and Asia that expand our offerings in this vital area. CWU faculty interested in applying for these or other long or short term exchange opportunities should contact our office at 963-3616 or access our webpage information here.

Phillipps University - Marburg is located in the small, picturesque city of Marburg just an hour's train ride northwest of Frankfurt, Germany. The university, one of the oldest in Germany, was founded in 1527 as the country's first Protestant university, in the wake of the Reformation. The orignal building still stands in the city's medieval Altstadt area and is used by the university to this day. As is often the case in Europe, there is no central campus, rather the university's buildings are spread out across this city of 90,000 and all easily reached by bicycle or bus. Our exchange agreement focuses primarily on student exchanges, but there is also an opportunity for short term (ten days to two weeks) non-teaching visits by CWU faculty who have common research interests with Philipps University faculty. If such opportunities prove fruitful it may be possible to arrange for longer exchanges in the future.

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