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Office of International Studies and Programs


Health Insurance

Central Washington University’s Health Insurance Policy

Under policy CWUP 2-20-100, all international students (including UESL students) must have valid health insurance while enrolled with the university.

CWU has partnered with LewerMark Student Medical Insurance to provide insurance to all of our international students. All UESL students will be automatically enrolled in a LewerMark Medical Insurance plan upon their arrival at CWU.

To review the policy please go to:

On the website you can download information about the medical insurance plan. You will also find a plan summary in your acceptance package.

New Students
The insurance plan costs $279.99 per quarter. Students will automatically be charged this amount at the beginning of each quarter they attend CWU. The amount will be added to student accounts and will be due when tuition is due.

If you already have medical insurance and do not want to be charged $279.99 per quarter you will need to fill out and fully complete the CWU waiver form. The waiver form will be in the UESL office when you arrive. We strongly advise that you use CWU’s health insurance.

You will be given an opportunity to complete the waiver form during orientation. In order to be waived from having to pay the medical insurance fee, your insurance MUST be comparable to the insurance CWU offers. Meaning, your insurance must be as good as, or even better than, the policy that CWU offers. If your policy does not meet our minimum qualifications, your waiver request will be denied.

Please see the medical insurance handout included in your acceptance package for more information.

Current Students
Current UESL students can log in here to the Lewermark site.

You can log in to access information about your account, and to download your insurance card. Make a copy of your card or take a picture of it. Show the card when you use a medical service.

Your health insurance covers you as below, as long as you are an active UESL student.
1/5/16 - 3/28/16 – Winter Quarter
3/29/16 - 6/19/16 – Spring Quarter
6/20/16 - 9/15/16 – Summer Quarter

Taking a vacation or a break
If you take a break (for example you take off the summer quarter), you can be covered by Lewermark while you are on break. You need to tell the UESL office at the beginning of the quarter (within the first 2 weeks of the quarter you are taking off) if you want to do this.