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Office of International Studies and Programs
Central Washington University
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Grading Policy (AUAP)

Grading Policy

Grades will be based on the following criteria:

  • Participation, which includes attendance, active participation, use of English in class
  • Homework, which includes projects, tasks, interviews, and other out of class assignments
  • Evaluation, which includes quizzes, tests, performances, and presentations

These factors will be given the following weight:

Class PortionMajor Related CoursesFunctions

In assigning grades, the following scale is used by all AUAP schools:

  • 95% - 100% AA - Superior
  • 84% - 94% A - Above Average
  • 70% - 83% B - Average
  • 60% - 69% C - Below Average
  • Below 59% D - Failure
  • X - grades given for courses which are not completed at the time of repatriation

Homework Policy

  • AUAP students are expected to complete 8 - 12 hours of homework every week
  • All homework assignments will be handed in on the day they are due
  • Assignments handed in late will be marked down
  • Students are responsible for completing all assignments (and class work) missed while absent. This means that students must contact teachers or classmates to find out what homework or projects they missed

Students' homework, class work, quizzes, exams and class participation are all included in their grade for each class. At the beginning of the quarter, the teachers will explain to students how grades are decided for each class.

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