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Office of International Studies and Programs

Finding a Program


Finding a Program

CWU-Sponsored Bilateral Exchanges
CWU Faculty-Directed and Departmental Programs
Pre-Approved Partner Programs
Pre-Articulated Programs: College of Business
Affiliated Third-Party Program Providers
International Internships & Service Learning
Research Abroad Programs
Special Opportunities
Options for After Graduation
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CWU-Sponsored Bilateral Exchanges

CWU maintains exchange relationships with several institutions abroad. Exchanges generally provide students a better opportunity to immerse themselves in a culture or language, and program fees are based on tuition and fees at CWU. Students interested in studying in any country where CWU has an exchange partner, should look first at these programs. Those who wish to participate in an outside program must submit an academic justification with their application.




South Korea

United Kingdom - England

United Kingdom - Scotland

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CWU Faculty-Directed and Departmental Programs

Below is a list of faculty-led and departmental programs that are currently available or have run in the past. Students should always consult the appropriate contact person to verify requirements and procedures associated with participation in these programs prior to submitting an application.

Faculty-directed education abroad programs take place during spring break and summer, and vary in length from 10 days to one month. Students spend the majority of their time abroad together, participating in activities and excursions as a group. These short-term courses are designed and taught by CWU instructors and provide students with departmental credit. In addition to standard assignments, coursework includes a combination of experiential learning activities, such as cultural excursions, guest speakers, and cultural performances.

Art and Architecture of Rome, Ancient to Baroque (Art 496H); Rome, Italy; March 16-27, 2016. Contact Dr. Ellen Avitts or Prof. Keith Lewis for more information. (Enrollment closed).

Art and Architecture of Rome is an onsite study with focus on ancient art through art of the 17th century. Travel in Italy provides students firsthand experience with the art, architecture, culture, physical remnants, and historical legacies of a country that has had an enormous impact on Western history across several millennia. Students will examine art and architecture and the cultural, social, and political history that shaped their development and laid the foundation for the creation of the modern western world. The development of art concepts and techniques is emphasized as the recognition of major art works both in context and in their subsequent changes in meaning.

Hiking the Camino de Sanitago (WL 398); León, Santiago de Compostela, and Madrid, Spain; June 12-July 6, 2016. Contact Drs. Eric Mayer or Michael Johnson for more information. Apply now (Enrollment open).

Hiking the Camino de Santiago is an on-site course in which participants will hike the 9th-century pilgrimage route known as the Camino de Santiago, or Way of Saint James, while studying the cultures and history of Spain, from pre-Roman times to the present.

ITAM in Central Europe; Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia; June 19-July 14, 2016. Contact Profs. David Douglas and Bob Lupton for more information. Apply now (Enrollment open).

This program is presented in English and offers students a chance to experience the information technology industry, retail management industry, and administrative management areas of four to five Central European countries. Students will experience first-hand the languages, cultures, and business ideologies in post-Socialist Central Europe. For students majoring in the ITAM program, the 10 credits from this course can be used to fulfill the internship requirement.

Leadership, Programming, and Teaching in Guam (HED 492); Mangilao, Guam; Summer 2016. Contact Drs. Tishra Beeson, Mark Perez, or Stefan Ward for more information. Apply now (Enrollment open).

This program will introduce students to the challenges of teaching and providing program leadership opportunities for real school children in a real school setting.

Survey of Music History and Culture of Bohemia (MUS 398); Prague, Kutná Hora, Adršpach, Kuks, Hradec Králové, and Náchod, Czech Republic; June 9-July 5, 2016. Contact Drs. Janet Shiver and Todd Shiver for more information. Apply now (Enrollment open).

This program will introduce students to the music, culture, and history of the Czech Republic. Students will attend concerts, tour culturally significant sites, and explore local music styles. Students will be treated to lectures and guided tours from respected musicologists, musicians, and historians. Prior to the program, students will attend lectures centered on the music and culture of the Czech Republic, learn the basics of the Czech language, and become familiar with local customs.

Teaching and Learning in Ireland (PESH 330); Dublin, Ireland; August 2016. Contact Drs. Erica Pratt and Stefan Ward for more information. Apply now (Enrollment open).

Students on this program will spend 23 days in Ireland teaching and working with inner city Dublin youth in an educational setting. Cultural experiences include music, sports, festivals, historical sites, and working with Irish university students. There will also be a weekend in Limerick, and a six-day cultural tour of Ireland. Optional tours of England or Scotland.

Teaching Practicum in Honduras (EDBL 492); Jesus de Otoro, Honduras; Summer 2016. Contact Dr. Terrence McCain for more information. (Enrollment not yet open).

This program will provide students pursuing the Bilingual Education/TESL endorsement with the opportunity to interact with bilingual students and their teachers in the school community and develop real-world, practical experience and understanding of the strategies and techniques for use with second language learners in a general education setting. Students will travel to various parts of the country to experience a wide-range of culture, including excursions to historical sites, market places, rural towns, and cultural events.

Teaching Practicum in Macau; Macau, China; Program runs every Fall and Spring Quarters. Contact Profs. Judy Backlund, Phil Backlund, or Mel Kingham for more information. Apply now (Enrollment open).

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Pre-Approved Partner Programs












Costa Rica




Czech Republic




















New Zealand







South Africa







United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom


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Pre-Articulated Programs: College of Business

CWU’s College of Business has pre-articulated related courses at several CWU exchange partners and affiliated partner programs. Students interested in studying business abroad may wish to take these equivalencies into account when selecting a program.


Affiliated Programs:

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Affiliated Third-Party Program Providers

If students cannot find CWU-sponsored programs that suit them, third-party programs are another option. While there are many possibilities, the list below in made up of organizations with which CWU has concluded an Affiliation Agreement. These agreements provide some modest financial benefits to CWU students, including waived application fees and/or modestly reduced program fees. In almost all cases, affiliation provides CWU students access to provider-administered scholarships they would not otherwise have.

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International Internships & Service Learning

International internships and service learning programs offer students the opportunity to obtain international experience and work and/or volunteer experience simultaneously. Below are options through affiliated providers and other organizations.

International internships enable students to earn credits related to their academic department while gaining real-world professional experience with an intercultural perspective. This type of program is ideal for students during their junior and senior years. Program options are available during the academic year and summer, and include short-term opportunities (6- to 10-weeks), as well as semester and year-long options.

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Research Abroad Programs

The programs below offer students opportunities to conduct and/or take part in research projects abroad.

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Special Opportunities

The two programs listed below offer fully-funded opportunities to study languages deemed critical to US interests by the US government during the summer.

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Options for After Graduation

Below are a number of post-graduation international options, including teaching, volunteering and studying further internationally.

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Online Program Databases

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