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Office of International Studies and Programs

Faculty Led Programs : Introduction (OISP)

Where do you want to go?

France? Brazil? China? Mexico? For spring break, the summer, or a quarter? Will your students enroll in language classes at a local university, conduct fieldwork, or hear guest lecturers at multiple destinations? Hotels or home stays?

Regardless of the format you choose, faculty-led programs are a unique and exciting opportunity for both students and faculty. We are proud to include them in our study abroad offerings at CWU, and are very pleased that you are interested in running a program.

The information in this on-line manual will guide you through the process of developing, proposing, and preparing to lead a faculty-led program. The links on the left of this page will direct you to the information necessary to successfully navigate this process. Study Abroad & Exchange Programs staff will work closely with you at all stages. We encourage you to contact SAEP early on in the process so that we may be of assistance.

From a study abroad perspective, it's very exciting to know that CWU faculty have such diverse international interests, and that some of you are willing to share your expertise with CWU students through a faculty-led program. Thank you for your willingness to help provide our students with such a unique opportunity. We look forward to learning more about your interests and ideas soon.

2011-2012 Deadlines
Program During:Proposals Accepted:Lead Time
Fall Quarter 2011Until March 4, 20116 months
Winter Quarter 2011Until April 8, 20119 months
Spring Break 2012Until March 11, 201111.5-12 months
Spring Quarter 2012Until March 11, 201111.5-12 months
Summer 2012*Until April 15, 201114-17 months

*includes Post-Spring Quarter

Link to Application Forms

Study Abroad & Exchange Programs is responsible for informing faculty of State law and university policies as they pertain to faculty-led programs. Faculty Coordinators share equally in the responsibility of complying with these regulations. Information contained herein may not legally contradict CWU policy or state law. Please check with SAEP staff or the Travel Office to confirm current policies related to faculty-led programs.

Last updated January 2011.