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Faculty-Directed & Departmental Programs

Below is a list of faculty-directed and departmental programs that are currently available or have run in the past. Students should always consult the appropriate contact person to verify requirements and procedures associated with participation in these programs prior to submitting an application.

Faculty-directed education abroad programs take place during spring break and summer, and vary in length from 10 days to one month. Students spend the majority of their time abroad together, participating in activities and excursions as a group. These short-term courses are designed and taught by CWU instructors and provide students with departmental credit. In addition to standard assignments, coursework includes a combination of experiential learning activities, such as cultural excursions, guest speakers, and cultural performances.


Departmental Programs

Teaching Practicum in Macau


Macau, China
Every Quarter
Dr. Dia Gary





Faculty-Directed Programs 2018-2019


ITAM: Peru Study Abroad & Service Learning


Teaching & Learning in Ireland

Cusco, Peru (multiple locations)

Summer Quarter 2019 (hybrid course)

Aug. 4-21, 2019 (in-country)

Faculty directors: Drs. Bob Trumpy, Bob Lupton

Courses: ADMG 410 & ADMG 412


Dublin, Ireland

Jul. 31-Aug. 24, 2019

Faculty director: Dr. Stefan Ward

Courses: PESH 330 & PE 492




Program Cancelled   Enrollment Closed




Regional Natural History of Mexico


SOBRE Mexico 

Estación de Biología, Chamela, Mexico

Winter Quarter 2019 (on-campus)

Spring Break 2019 (in-country)

Faculty directors: Drs. Dan Beck, Gabrielle Stryker

Course: BIO 377


Estación de Biología, Chamela, & Guadalajara, Mexico

Summer 2019 (in-country)

Faculty directors: Drs. Dan Beck, Gabrielle Stryker




Enrollment Closed   Enrollment Closed




ITAM: Cybersecurity in Spain


Art + Architecture of Ancient Greece

Madrid & León, Spain

Apr. 1-May 5 & Jul. 14-Aug. 14, 2019 (on-campus)

Jun. 10-26, 2019 (in-country)

Faculty directors: Prof. Deborah Wells, Dr. Bob Lupton

Courses: ADMG 410 & ADMG 412


Athens, Greece (multiple locations)

Spring Quarter 2019 (on-campus)

Sep. 11-22, 2019 (in-country)

Faculty directors: Dr. Ellen Avitts, Prof. Keith Lewis

Course: ART 416

Enrollment Closed   Enrollment Closed




In the Footsteps of Mozart


Bodegas del sur de España

Vienna, Austria & Prague, Czech Republic

Jun. 10-26, 2019 (in-country)

Faculty directors: Drs. Mark Samples, Todd Shiver

Course: MUS 398


Southern Spain (multiple cities)

Mar. 17-25, 2019

Faculty directors: Drs. John Hudelson, Carla Jellum

Course: GWT 492

Enrollment Closed   Enrollment Closed




Business Study Abroad in France


Bioarchaeology Field School

Paris, Angers & Bordeaux, France

Jun. 29-Jul. 14, 2019

Faculty director: Dr. Kathryn Martell

Course: BUS 498 (Special Topics)


Guayaquil & Salango, Ecuador

Aug. 11-30, 2019 (in-country)

Aug. 10 and Aug. 31 (travel dates)

Faculty directors: Dr. Nicole Jastremski, Prof. Lourdes Henebry-DeLeon

Course: ANTH 493

Program Cancelled   Enrollment Closed




Intercultural Communication in Japan


Biodiversity in Bhutan Field Experience

Tokyo, Kyoto & Hiroshima, Japan

On-campus (or online): Jun. 17-28, 2019

In Japan: Jul. 2-17, 2019

Faculty directors: Profs. Joshua Nelson-Ichido & Patrick Smith

Course: COM 302


Bhutan Field Location

Sep. 1-13, 2019 (in-country)

Aug. 30-31 and Sep.14-15 (travel dates)

Faculty directors: Drs. Lori Sheeran & Kathleen Barlow

Course: ANTH 493

Enrollment Closed   Enrollment Closed




Paramedicine Study Abroad


Brisbane, Australia

Oct. 12-Nov. 2, 2019

Faculty director: Prof. Douglas Presta

Course: EMS 498

Enrollment Closed    


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