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ESL: Olympic Peninsula

We started our trip in Ellensburg, Washington. We loaded up our CWU white van and headed on Interstate 90 towards Seattle. Luckily Kenji and Jeff were great at loading, camping, organizing and navigating.

Once we reached the Seattle area, we took the ferry over to the Olympic Peninsula.

We spent the first night in an old Army Barracks at Fort Flagler State Park.

That night, we made dinner together and watched shooting stars over Puget Sound. In the morning we saw a deer a couple feet from our cabin.

We continued the next day until we reached Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park.

We drove up and up and up into the clouds to see beautiful mountains, flowers and deer everywhere, and even a pica or two.

We took a short hike with a Park Ranger as a guide.

If that wasn't amazing enough, after lunch we continued our trip and landed for the night in the Hoh Rain Forest, an evergreen rainforest near the Pacific Coast. Wow! Lots of moss and enormous trees.


We camped that night.

In the morning we went to Rialto Beach before heading back to the ferry, Seattle, and finally home to Ellensburg. We all enjoyed this trip immensely, but we went too far in too short of a time. We were tired!

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