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Office of International Studies and Programs


On-Campus Employment

Student employment at CWU

As an International Student at CWU in F1 or J1 visa status you are permitted to work on campus for up to 20 hours per week when school is in session and full-time during the school breaks if you are pre-registered for the following quarter.

I need to find a job.
I've found a job, and have not worked in the US before.
I've found a job and have worked in the US before.

Here’s what you have to do in order to find a job on campus:

  1. There is information about on-campus jobs on the internet on the Wildcat Career Network. You may also ask about jobs at any office on campus.
    • A good place to begin your search is at Dining Services.  They hire many students and have a variety of jobs.
    • When you find a posting to apply for, Career Services can help you with your resume and cover letter in order to get the job.
    • Keep in mind that "Work Study" is a government financial aid program for US Citizens and Permanent Residents, not a general descriptor of student employment, so if a job is described as "Work Study Only", you are not eligible for that position.
  2. When you find an employer that wants to hire you, your new employer must provide our office with what we are calling the “Employer Letter”. The employer must print this on their letterhead with your name and information on it. Then the employer must sign the letter. Take the original employer letter to the Office of International Studies & Programs. We will make a copy and give you the original letter back along with the letter from your DSO, ARO, PDSO or RO. The social security office requires these two letters in order to apply for a social security card.
  3. You will need to bring these documents with you when you go to the Social Security office:
    • Passport
    • Visa
    • I-94 (sometimes a card stapled into your passport, usually electronic and printable by OISP)
    • DS-2019 for “J-1” visas or I-20 for “F-1” visas
    • Application for the social security card
    • CWU connection card
    • Two official letters (Employer Letter & ARO, DSO, RO or PDSO Letter)
    • Birth certificate (only if you have it with you in the US)
  4. The nearest Social Security office to Ellensburg is in Yakima. If you drive, be prepared for this trip to take up to three hours, total. You can also get there by public transportation, though that will usually take longer. Be sure that the Social Security office gives you a receipt for your application. This receipt is a letter from the social security office proving that you have applied for your social security card, and they will give it to you if your application is approved. This letter needs to be brought back to our office and then we will proceed with the process for you to begin to work on campus.
  5. You will have to put your information into our Glacier database system; OISP staff will help you put the information in during your appointment. This needs to be done before you begin to work and there are some additional forms you will need to fill out (I-9, W-4, etc.) We will then provide you proof of authorization to work on campus that you can show to your new employer showing that you have completed all your paperwork so you can begin working. This process can take up to 45 minutes, so it must be scheduled in advance.
  6. When your new social security card arrives, you need to come back to the OISP so we can get a copy of your social security card. At this time, you will need to go back into Glacier and provide your social security number so all your forms will reprint with your new social security number on them. You will then re-sign all new paperwork from Glacier with your social security card number on it. OISP will then turn in your new paperwork.
  7. Please remember, after you have completed your Glacier paperwork, if you move, change your telephone number or make any changes in your visa status, you will need to go in and update your Glacier paperwork. Come in to our office and we will assist you (if needed) and you can print out your paperwork, sign and we will turn your updated information into payroll. Also, your Glacier paperwork has to be updated every year, so plan on coming in at least a year, December or January of each year you are at Central to update your file.

For additional information, or to schedule an appointment, come in to International Center 101, email, or call 509-963-3612.

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