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Office of International Studies and Programs


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Office of International Studies and Programs
Central Washington University
400 E. University Way
Ellensburg, WA 98926-7408
Phone: (509) 963-3612
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Program Information

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Reasons to choose our program:

  • Located in Washington State in Ellensburg; a safe, clean, and friendly University town
  • Professionally trained teachers
  • TOEFL and TOEIC preparation classes; Computer-based TOEFL and TOEIC tests are given on campus
  • Conditional admission to Central Washington University
  • Conversation partners with American students

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  • Fun trips to nearby towns and cities, shopping malls, and mountain areas
  • Live in a college residence hall (dormitory) with Americans
  • Courses in Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, Grammar, and Academic Skills
  • Special courses such as Business, Literature, Drama, Computers, Film-making, and Volunteering
  • The highest level students can attend a regular univeristy class (Supervised Visitations) as part of their UESL schedule

  • Inexpensive tuition compared to many other ESL programs (View COSTS AND DATES here)
  • Member of American Association of Intensive English Programs (AAIEP)
  • We help you when you arrive
  • When you are ready to apply to universities, we help you with the applications
  • Special short-term programs are available for groups

Central Washington University
Conditional Undergraduate Admission

CWU offers Conditional Undergraduate Admission. If you meet all of CWU's undergraduate admission requirements, except the TOEFL score, you may be conditionally admitted. In order to be fully admitted to CWU as an undergraduate, you must enroll in the UESL Program and either:

  1. Complete Level 5, the highest level, (minimum of B+ required in all classes) and receive strong recommendations OR
  2. Receive a TOEFL score of 525 / 195 computer-based TOEFL

After you apply for a specific quarter, the CWU Associations Office will give you a year in which to complete the language requirement. As soon as the language requirement is completed, you will be admitted to CWU.

If you want to apply for Conditional Admission, please ask for CWU admissions materials from the UESL Program at:

UESL Program
Central Washington University
400 E. University Way
Ellensburg, WA 98926-7562

or contact the UESL Program by e-mail at

UESL: Classes

"I do have a lot of wonderful memories of CWU, where my American life all started. The quality of the ESL program was (I am very sure it is now also) very high and I consider myself very fortunate to learn English in such a nice environment, with excellent teachers and classmates. If anybody asked me where to learn English, I would definitely recommend CWU." - Nobuko, Japan


Our program has five levels. Most students enter our program at Level 2 or higher. Level 5 is our highest level. You will ave opportunities to develop your reading, writing, speaking, listening, and grammar skills in each course and at each level. Teachers often take students on field trips or create out-of-the class opportunities and assignments.


There are four kinds of classes. For levels 1-4, we have an Oral Communication class that teaches litening and speaking skills, a Block class which focuses on reading, writing and grammar skills, and an Elective class. The elective classes that students can choose from may include computer classes, TOEFL preparation, TOEIC preparation, English or history through movies, film-making, vocabulary / idioms, speaking workshop, travel, business, and different kinds of grammar classes.

For Level Five, we offer the visitation class in place of oral communication. In this class you attend an undergraduate CWU class as a visitor and you meet once a week with one of the UESL Program's teachers to discuss what you are learning. This helps you prepare for entering an undergraduate program at an American university.

Examples of Class Schedules students take:

  • Level 2 Oral Communication 2, Block 2, and Communicative Grammar or another elective class
  • Level 3 Oral Communication 3, Block 3, and an elective class
  • Level 4 Oral Communication 4, Block 4, and an elective class
  • Level 5 Block 5, an elective class, and a visitation class

Follow this link to see samples of student work from different classes in UESL Program.


You will take a test after you arrive at CWU. This test helps us decide what level in our program is best for you. If necessary, you can be placed in different levels for your Oral Communication class and your Block class.

You may receive a refund of the $200 housing deposit only if you cancel before your first quarter begins.

Room & meal plan charges are based on the average cost of available campus housing in a double-occupancy dormitory with a full meal plan. Charges cover the period from the first day of the quarter to the last day of final examinations only. Bedding: You must buy blankets, pillows, sheets, etc. for your bed; we will take you shopping or you may bring your own.

*Estimated cost
† This is not insurance
The UESL Program encourages students to have broad health insurance coverage.


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