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Office of International Studies and Programs



To Apply for our UESL Program:


Step 1 – Fill out a UESL Application

Required Materials:

  • Select which Quarter you want to start
  • Copy of Passport, Transcripts, Bank Statement
  • Confidential Financial Statement (CFS)
  • Copy of Official Government Scholarship Letter (SACM students)
  • Check “yes” or “no” for Conditional Admission
  • Housing Application (if student wants to live on campus)

Step 2 – Submit UESL Application

  • Materials must be in PDF format to be accepted
  • Submit to
  • The UESL Secretary will email you with your Student ID number when your application is finished. There will include instructions on how you can make the $50 App Fee online on your MyCWU account.
  • Please allow 3-5 business days for processing

Current Academic Calendar

Step 3 – Getting your I-20

  • When you have paid the App Fee online, please email the UESL Secretary and provide a receipt as Proof of Payment. Nothing can happen until this is complete.
  • Please allow another 3-5 business days for your I-20 to be processed
  • All I-20’s are mailed via Eship Global. Please create an account at and pre-pay for shipping. When you are asked to enter a “Student ID#”, please enter your CWU student ID number. We will print out the shipping label and mail your documents.
  • The UESL Secretary will let you know once it is done
  • We mail out your I-20 as soon as possible

For Transfer Students:

Complete the Transfer Form

  • Part 1 must be filled out by the Student
  • Part 2 must be filled out by School Advisor/Official

Additional Information:

To find out how you can apply for Conditional Admission (either Undergraduate or Graduate), please see the Conditional Admission Information packet. In it you will find instructions about the application process, prices, etc.

Application Table of Contents:

Minimum Bank Statement Amounts:
  • 1 Quarter: $7,123
  • 2 Quarters: $14,246
  • 3 Quarters: $21,369
  • 4 Quarters: $28,492

Click to apply online in:

Fall 2015-Summer 2016 Each Quarter:

UESL Tuition$2,745.00
CWU Fees$365.00
Health Insurance and Books$500.00

Fall 2016-Summer 2017 Each Quarter:

UESL Tuition$3,045.00
CWU Fees$365.00
Health Insurance and Books$500.00

Fall 2017-Summer 2018 Each Quarter:

UESL Tuition$3,170.00
CWU Fees$365.00
Health Insurance and Books$500.00

*varies by housing and meal plan choice
University fees and health insurance prices may change

Each and every application is important to us, and we do our best to process them as soon as we can. Please be patient through this step.

Program Dates and Deadlines:

(Contact UESL for exceptions)
Winter 2016November 15, 2015Sunday, January 3 & Monday, January 4Tuesday, January 5 - Wednesday, January 6Thursday, January 7January 5 -
March 17, 2016
Spring 2016January 15, 2016Sunday, March 27 & Monday, March 28Tuesday, March 29 - Wednesday, March 30Thursday, March 31March 29 -
June 9, 2016
Summer 2016May15, 2016Sunday, June 19 & Monday June 20Tuesday, June 21 - Wednesday, June 22Thursday, June 23June 21 -
August 19, 2016
Fall 2016July 15, 2016Sunday, September 18 & Monday September 19Tuesday, September 20 - Wednesday, September 21Thursday, September 22September 20 - December 9, 2016

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