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Interdisciplinary Studies Social Sciences
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IDS 343 - Origins and Results of Food Technology: The Gluttonous Human

Instructor: Isabelle Miller                                                     Email:

Do you want to learn why your natural urge tells you to over-indulge in the food you love, like chocolate? Would you like to lose a few pounds before summer by just changing a few behaviors? Do you want to “travel” through the world and discover interesting cultural food practices as well as learn that it is quite normal to be lactose intolerant?


Catalog Description:
As food production technologies have become increasingly complex, humans are now facing the adverse consequences as well as the benefits. This course explores the evolution of feeding strategies from Paleolithic until the present, including recent innovations such as, corporate farming, genetic modification of organisms and diseases of novel environments.

Credits: (5)

Disciplinary Scope:   Anthropology – Biology – Ecology – Geography – Nutrition 

Look for it:    Fall – Winter – Summer  

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