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Mass Incarceration and Racial Justice: Black and Brown Lives Do Matter

On Line Resources on Mass Incarceration and Racial Justice

Here are some links to readings on mass incarceration and racial justice. More readings, including PDFs, are available to those with CWU Canvas accounts, at the "Mass Incarceration and Racial Justice" Canvas course at:

War on Drugs

Arts, Literature, Performance

Poems for Discussion

Video for Discussion

Historical Perspectives

Women, Gender, Sexuality

Legal and Political

Imprisonment: Suggested Books (list submitted by Prof. Michael Harrod)

    Bruce Western’s Punishment and Inequality in America
    Katherine Beckett’s Making Crime Pay: Law and Order in Contemporary American Politics
    Johnathan Simon’s Governing Through Crime
    David Garland’s The Culture of Control: Crime and Social Order in Contemporary Society
    Todd R. Clear’s Imprisoning Communities
    Todd R. Clear and Natasha A. Frost’s The Punishment Imperative
    Jeff Manza and Christopher Uggen’s Locked Out
    Matt Taibbi: The Divide
    Michael Tonry’s Thinking about Crime
    Amy E. Lerman’s The Modern Prison Paradox

Family, Children and Community

Business and Economics


Ethnographic Perspectives


Immigration and Detention

Restorative Justice and Alternatives to Incarceration

Background on 2015-16 Speakers

Michael Eric Dyson


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