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Mass Incarceration and Racial Justice: Black and Brown Lives Do Matter

Faculty Writing

Many CWU faculty have published on issues related to mass incarceration, law enforcement, and racial justice. Here are a few examples:

Dr. Mark  Auslander  (Anthropology and Museum Studies)

2015. "We Can't Breathe": Performing Subjection in African American Protest Traditions.   Centre for Imaginative Ethnography. 2015.

2013. Touching the Past: Materializing Time in Traumatic Living History Reenactments, Signs and Society. 1 (1). pp.161-183

Dr. Teresa Francis Divine  (Law and Justice)

2009:  book review of Mapp v. Ohio: Guarding Against Unreasonable Searches and Seizures (2006) by Carolyn N. Long.  Criminal Justice Review, June 2009, vol. 34, no. 2 pp. 278-280.

2008: Book review of Locked Out: Felon Disenfranchisement and American Democracy (2006) by Manza and Uggen. Criminal Justice Review Volume 33, Issue 2 pp. 258-260.

Dr. Rodrigo Murataya (Law and Justice)

Murataya, R., Chacon, S. (2011).  A review of ramifications and implications associated with the involvement of people with mental illnesses in the correctional system. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 1(19), 258-265.

Dr. Charles Reasons (Law and Justice)

Native Offenders and Correctional Policy”. Crime et/and Social Justice, February 1977: 255–266.


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