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Time and Labor

Project Summary:

Time and Labor is an  iCAT project which started January 27, 2014.  The purpose of the project is to implement the PeopleSoft Time and Labor module with workflow authorization as quickly as possible to realize the benefits of the Time and Labor application. As a result of the initial discovery work, it was recommended and approved to include the implementation of the PeopleSoft Absence Management module along with Time and Labor.  This will further streamline time reporting and absence tracking and management.  Both Time and Labor and Absence Management are expected to go live in October 2014.

Expected outcomes of the project are:

  • An online time recording and authorization process that is as user-friendly as practical.
  • Streamlined business processes and improved productivity.
  • Completion on time and within budget.


Project Sponsors:Stevan DeSoer, Chief Human Resources Officer
Connie Williams, AVP of Finance & Business Auxiliaries


Project Status Report

If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact Sue Noce, Project Manager, at