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MyCWU Implementation

One of the iCAT projects was the implementation of an Enterprise Application Portal.  During the 13 month project, we created MyCWU. It has specific content for the following campus community users:  employee, managers, faculty and students.  

MyCWU Preview

Project Status Report

If you have any questions regarding this project, contact iCAT project manager Sue Noce (

We have identified a couple of questions below to help you better understand what MyCWU is and when it will be implemented.

What is a portal?
An enterprise portal offers more than just a common gateway for the centralization of data or access. A portal also eliminates the headache of multiple logins to various applications such as PeopleSoft, websites and repositories. It is a framework for integrating information, people, and processes across organizational boundaries. Portals can create personalized environments letting organization target users for individualized services and information.  With no-clicking or one-click access, it is seen as one-stop “shopping” for information, an improved online experience, and better communication.

Why create MyCWU?
In the past few years, the Internet has adopted the e-business model, where information is delivered in a secure and personalized manner, and with a central presentation landing area.  CWU has determined that we need to provide to our university community all information and services through a single landing, provide a framework where all the elements of the university (academic, administrative, and community) and all business applications can be integrated, and finally provide a one-stop place where all members of the university community can perform all business transactions.

When will it be available?
MyCWU went live January 27, 2014.