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iCAT Update

With the launch of iCAT in November 2012, we have been actively engaged in a number of activities. 

• The iCAT project website is now available to the campus community. University faculty/staff/students can view current information about the initiatives that collectively make up iCAT.

• 3 initiatives we are currently focusing on are:

    Online Travel and Authorization Workflow

This initiative will take the current paper-based travel reimbursement process to a simplified electronic process.

    Faculty Workload and Activity Reporting

This initiative will implement a faculty workload and activity reporting solution that will significantly reduce the effort needed for data entry and retrieval for faculty and administration.

   Enterprise Application Portal

This initiative is to implement a new portal. It will be common gateway for all users for one-stop “shopping” for information, improved online experience, and better communication.

• We have adopted a project methodology that is grounded in standard project management practices.  This will allow us to provide the foundation for a successful implementation by putting the necessary standards and tools in place.

You may have already noticed some new faces around campus.  In December, we brought four CedarCrestone experts on campus to assist with Online Travel and Authorization and Faculty Workload and Reporting.  Some CedarCrestone staff will be here for short durations to complete specific assigned project tasks and others will be assigned for longer time periods due to the complexity and/or duration of the project. 

But iCAT isn’t only about bringing new systems to CWU, we are also changing the way people like you are involved in the projects. We believe that the earlier a user is involved, the better the system will be. So if you use any of the systems at CWU you’re qualified to be involved. Stop by Hogue 126 and signup to be a team member. 

Please contact any of the iCAT Project Management with your questions or concerns.
Gene Shoda
Tina Short
Sue Noce

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