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iCAT Online Purchase Requisition Project Starts

With the successful go-live of the iCAT Travel Authorization and Expense Report system last week, we are now moving onto the iCAT Online Purchase Requisition Project. The purpose of the new system is to streamline the requisition approval process by eliminating the need to generate printed requisition forms for manual signature approvals.  The online approval workflow will significantly improve the time-consuming process of transferring printed requisitions from one hand to the next (either by walking around campus or through interdepartmental mail).  The requisitions will also pre-encumber/encumber funds.  You will be able to go online and see your requisition(s)….and you'll know where it is in the process. Last but not least we’ll use less paper so we will have a positive environmental impact. A focus group will be contacted to begin user input within the next couple of weeks. For more information, go to

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