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Faculty Workload and Activity Reporting Project

Project Purpose:

The purpose of this project was to assess and identify faculty workload and activity reporting requirements, provide decision support information, and build or buy/interface and implement a faculty workload and activity reporting solution that will simplify data entry and retrieval for faculty and administration.  Providing an efficient system reduced administrative time and therefore supports the enhancement of the faculty/student experience.

The solution:

  • Provided a central repository for faculty information activities and accomplishments in the following areas:  Workload (includes instruction, scholarship and service), Activity Reporting, and Evaluation.
  • Provided cumulative information at various levels, including individual, department, college, university. 
  • Provided accessibility of information to Faculty, Department Chairs, Deans, and the Provost.

The review of various options was completed and the recommendation to buy/interface was approved. A Request for Proposal (RFP) was issued and the recommendation to implement the Data180 system was approved.  A contract was completed and the implementation was done.

Project Sponsor:  James Busalacchi, Director of Faculty and Labor Relations 

If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact project manager Sue Noce (