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Campus Community Offers Feedback/Praise for iCAT Project

The iCAT project teams have been partnering with a variety of CWU staff to get meaningful input and feedback for three different projects. Here are some of the comments focus group participants have made.

On line Purchase Requisitions —A total of 43 participants were invited to participate in several focus groups and demonstrations. Thirty-one staff (administrative assistants, secretaries, fiscal techs, and other stakeholders) attended six different sessions and 26 participants completed surveys. Here is a sampling of their comments:
• “It’s good to see where the requisition and PO is in the process instead of having to phone to follow-up or to look it up on the purchase requisition log.”
• “I welcome automating the process. Now it’s online!”
• “It will save me time in my areas from printing and tracking down signatures.”
• “It seems easier and faster than the current paper trail.”

Focus group members will be invited back this month to assist with testing. Early-adopter training will begin after July 9. 

cApps — More than 60 staff participated in several focus groups facilitated by the project team. Staff members were very engaged and provided helpful feedback that centered on increased efficiency and reporting.
• “I anticipate it will help my daily work by streamlining and simplifying processes.
“Thank you for the opportunity to understand the changes!”
• “It could speed things up.”
• “Thank you for including me in this process. I appreciate the opportunity to take part and give my insight.”

cApps testing will be conducted June 25-27 and training will be done in July. 

MYCWU Portal — Although the portal focus groups are still ongoing, feedback to date has been exactly what the project manager was seeking.
• “There is potential for MYCWU to integrate GroupWise, Blackboard, Safari, the intranet etc. together in a way that’s cleaner and more user-friendly than Wildcat Connection.”
• “The Manager’s Toolkit will be particularly useful to me.”
• “The employee benefits, communications tab, ability to customize and advising information will be useful to me.”
• “Easier access to my personal information, clearer news and announcements compared to current Central Today.”
• “Controlling what I want on My Page and Training- supervisors and employees will see what they have taken to date and what they still need to take!!!”
• “Looking forward to playing in a test environment and then give more feedback.”

The bottom line is participants were excited about the potential to customize their personal portals to give them quick access to frequently accessed items such as phone numbers, forms, and web pages.

• “The MYCWU portal has the potential to be the one tool in the tool box that employees use regularly and it will be a hit. We can personalize our own widgets; it’s one stop shopping!” Ed Castaneda, manager, EMCS Technical Services
• “I love the idea of the portal. I love that it is customizable. Easy access. One-log in and I have access to everything and it is just one click away.” Sandy Colson, executive assistant to the President

Here is a quick synopsis of the most frequently asked questions (and answers):
Q:  Will the MYCWU portal replace the CWU web page?
A: The portal will not replace the CWU home page or departmental pages. We currently have a website within a website that we call the intranet. The intranet and Wildcat Connection is what the portal will replace.

Q: So everything that is currently on the intranet or accessed by Wildcat Connection will now be located in the MYCWU portal?
A: Not exactly. Not everything will find a home at MYCWU but will be available elsewhere.  example, video streaming which is currently accessed through the intranet will in all likelihood find a home on the Public Affairs website. SAFARI (campus solution and the HR system) is not “going away” but will be accessed through the portal.

Q: What other systems will be integrated into MYCWU?
A: The portal will be a “convergence of information” from multiple data sources including SAFARI, FMS, Blackboard and GroupWise.

Q: What will happen to Central Today?
A: In all likelihood it will be incorporated into the Communications tab of the portal.

The prototype will be available for hands on testing in late July or early August. Focus group members will be invited back to have a more in-depth look at the portal. If you are interested in taking the portal for a test drive, contact Gail Farmer at

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