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Section 4



The Animal Welfare Act (Section 13(d)) outlines requirements for the training of scientists, animal technicians, and other personnel involved with animal care and treatment. At minimum, training must include instruction on:

  1. the humane practice of animal maintenance and experimentation;
  2. research or testing methods that minimize or eliminate the use of animals or limit animal pain or distress;
  3. utilization of the information service at the National Agricultural Library; and
  4. methods whereby deficiencies in animal care and treatment should be reported.

Researchers must certify that they (and their research staff) have met training requirements on each initial and continuing Clearance Form submitted for review.


Training or instruction is available to scientists, animal technicians, and other personnel involved in animal care, treatment, or use.

At the beginning of employment or service, individuals who use or provide care for animals are trained and qualified in the appropriate, species-specific housing methods, husbandry procedures, and handling techniques by the appropriate animal facility manager, including but not limited to:

  1. Basic needs, proper handling and care;
  2. Methods to minimize animal distress;
  3. Anesthesia and surgical techniques if applicable;
  4. Methods of reporting concerns or deficiencies in animal care and treatment; and
  5. How to access additional information on care and use of animals in research.

The animal facilities managers are updated immediately by the IACUC Chairperson on any changes in federal regulations. The manager then updates any employee or student working in the facility. The facility manager will maintain records of training for these individuals.

Additional training is available through links on the IACUC website.

New faculty meet with their Department Chair, and are encouraged to meet with the IACUC chair, to discuss their research intentions and/or needs prior to submission of any protocol. Any pertinent specific policies of CWU are discussed at this time.

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