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Report an Animal Care or Use Concern

Concerns about animal care and use at CWU facilities or by CWU personnel should be directed to one of the following individuals:

Dr.Jason Irwin, IACUC Chair; Science Building room 388D; phone: 509-963-2884;
Dr. Fred Newschwander, Attending Veterinarian; Mt. Stuart Animal Hospital; phone: 509-925-2332;
Dr. Kevin Archer, Institutional Official; Barge Hall room 214; phone: 509-963-3101;

Examples of concerns that should be brought to the IACUC's attention include:

1. Reports that an investigator is not following the research protocol as approved by the  IACUC.
2. Repeated failure of an investigator to report required or requested information to the IACUC.
3. Research presentations or publications by CWU investigators for which there is not an IACUC approved protocol.
4. Failure to provide appropriate standard of care.
5. Problems causing a funding agency audit regarding an investigator or a research study.