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IRBManager is an electronic management system that serves as the “front door” for the submission, tracking, and retention of research protocols and research compliance documents. This includes Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) application forms. Users can fill out and submit forms directly in IRBManager, and all forms, attachments, and documents submitted with a participating study will be accessible via IRBManager. IRBManager is a fully web-based system that is accessible both on- and off-campus.

Log into IRBManager through Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge using your CWU credentials. DO NOT use Internet Explorer as it is an outdated browser that is not supported.  

Reference the IRBManager User Guide  for detailed instructions on logging into IRBManager, navigating through the system, and submitting forms related to a protocol.

Basic instructions on how to access application, amendment, annual review, and final report forms through IRBManager can be found on the Forms page.

Why IRBManager?

The IACUC adopted IRBManager in 2019. Using IRBManager for protocol submission, review, and tracking will significantly simplify the experience for researchers with active protocols, IACUC members, and IACUC staff.

Advantages of the new IRBManager system for the user:

  • When completing an application form for a new protocol or any form related to existing protocols, users can save their progress to return to at a later time and can jump between sections of the form to complete in whichever order they desire.
  • Basic information about an existing protocol will be automatically uploaded into template forms for annual review and amendment (modification), reducing unnecessary labor on the part of the researcher.
  • Users can access detailed information regarding the status of their protocols and related forms as those forms move through the review process.
  • Users can view all of their protocols and all related processing, documentation, and notices in one place.
  • Forms will not be sent on for further review until all sections are complete and all authorizing signatures have been obtained, thereby reducing unnecessary communication between researchers and administrators.
  • IACUC staff will have the ability to view users’ screens remotely, allowing staff to better assist over the phone when users encounter problems within the system.

I am trying to add contact information for other PIs, research assistants, and technicians involved in my protocol, but it is not working!

If your collaborators have never logged into IRBManager before, the system may not recognize their information. Ask them to log in and out of the system, and then you should be able to add them to your protocol.

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