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**Note: For forms related to existing protocols, you will be asked to select which operating system to use based on the date that you submitted your original protocol application and the system that was in use by the IACUC at that time. Starting June 1, 2019, all IACUC protocols should be submitted using IRBManager. See the IRBManager page and user guide for more detailed instructions on accessing the forms below and navigating the system.**

New Protocol Submission

  • Log into IRBManager.
  • From the Dashboard, click on “Start xForm” under the Action menu on the left sidebar.
  • Select “IACUC Application.”

Effective November 2017, there are monthly submission deadlines for protocol applications.

Note: If you are unable to enter the contact information for other Principal Investigators, research assistants, etc. in the application, this likely means those collaborators have never logged into IRBManager before and the system does not recognize their information. Ask them to log into the system and you should be able to add them thereafter!

Amendment/Modification to an Approved Protocol

The IACUC strives to make it simple for Principal Investigators to request changes to previously approved protocols. Any changes to personnel, number or species of animal used, or any protocol procedures must be submitted to the IACUC for review and approval.

Annual Review for an Approved Protocol

For multi-year projects, Principal Investigators must submit annual reports on the progress of their protocols for review by the IACUC.

Final Report for Completed/Expiring Protocol

Principle Investigators must submit final reports for all completed or expiring protocols, even if those protocols will be resubmitted for projects continuing past the original expiration date.

For Faculty Supervisors

If you are the Faculty Supervisor for a student who is the Principal Investigator on a protocol, you will need to review the student’s forms before they can be sent to the IACUC for approval. 

For IACUC Members


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