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Human Subjects Review Program

Training in the Responsible Conduct of Research

The University's Federalwide Assurance (FWA) requires that all student and faculty principal investigators (PIs) and all co-investigators complete training in the responsible conduct of research (RCR) prior to submitting applications to the Human Subjects Review Council. The RCR training is currently available on-line at the link below.

If research is being funded by NSF or NIH, additional RCR training may be required. Contact the office of Graduate Studies and Research for more details.

On-line Tutorial

Investigators may complete the required RCR training through an on-line tutorial provided by HSRC. This tutorial consists of an introduction and four modules. At the end of each module, the user completes a brief four question quiz. Upon successful completion of all modules, the user will have the opportunity to print out a certificate of completion for their personal records. The tutorial program monitors the progress of each user and automatically generates a message to the HSRC administrator when the user has successfully completed the training.

The tutorial requires about one hour to complete; however, it can be completed in more than one session, if desired, by logging out and logging back in using your CWU user name and password. Click here to link to the on-line tutorial.