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Human Subjects Review Program

Members and Meetings

The Human Subjects Review Council (HSRC) is appointed by the dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Research and composed of thirteen members representing the diversity and expertise specified in the Federal Regulations [45 CFR 46.107]. Designated alternate members may attend convened meetings and vote when the matched primary member is either absent or agrees to pass the voting privileges to the alternate member.

The HSRC strongly recommends that all applications (especially those under deadlines) be submitted as early as possible.  However, research proposals that will be reviewed by the full board should be submitted at least four weeks prior to scheduled convened meetings.  Processing time may be longer depending on the HSRC workload at the time of submission.

The following dates have been scheduled for fall quarter 2020:

Mondays at 3pm on October 12th, November 9th, and December 7th

The following dates have been scheduled for winter quarter 2021:

Mondays at 3pm on January 11th, February 8th, and March 8th

The following dates have been scheduled for spring quarter 2021:

Mondays at 3pm on April 12th, May 10th, June 7th

Meetings will be held online via zoom and are closed to the public.  There are no meetings scheduled during the summer months (July, August and September).

2019-2020 HSRC Members

Chair Matthew Altman Philosophy
Ex-officio Sandy Martinez Human Protections Administrator
Faculty/Staff Tim Burnham Health Sciences
Leo D'Acquisto Health Sciences
Eric Foch Health Sciences
Jill Hoxmeier Public Health
Stephanie Stein Psychology
Griff Tester Sociology
Don Wattam Education
Wendy Williams Psychology
Student Member Kyle Klaassen Psychology
Community Members Lowell Murphree Prisoner Advocate
Rick Vaughan Physician
Designated Alternates Jared Dickinson Health Sciences (for Burnham or D'Acquisto)
Katie Floyd Psychology (for Klaassen)


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