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Human Resources

Tuition Waiver for Dependents Available Spring Quarter 2012

Beginning spring quarter 2012, CWU will waive 50% of tuition for eligible CWU employee dependents and eligible retirees.

To be eligible for the dependent waiver, the CWU employee must have an appointment to a half-time or more permanent position and have been employed by CWU for more than six months. This includes faculty hired on at least a yearly contract.

Eligible employee dependents include stepchildren, adopted children, legal dependents and biological children under the age of 25 and dependent partners of the employee. Dependent partners include lawful spouse or Washington State registered domestic partner of the employee. Retired staff include those who have obtained the status of “distinguished” retirees or faculty “emeritus” status.

The eligible dependent or retired staff member must be accepted as a student, file a FAFSA, and maintain a cumulative CWU GPA of at least 2.25. The waiver is available for twelve quarters within a five year period and excludes housing costs, books and other student fees. Eligibility for tuition waiver does not guarantee admission to CWU.

To request the tuition waiver for a dependent, submit the Dependent Tuition Waiver Request to Human Resources at mailstop 7425 or Bouillon 140.

Learn about CWU Admissions requirements here: