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On Track for Retirement (URP Members)

Calculate Future Retirement Income

Below are links to online calculators to help determine whether your current level of savings combined with social security is likely to meet your income needs in retirement. If there's likely to be a shortfall, you can determine how much you would need to increase your savings, or delay your retirement. If you would like to increase your retirement savings through payroll deduction, be sure to visit the websites on our Voluntary Investment Plan or Deferred Compensation.

Because the assumptions and methodology vary with each of these sites, it's a good idea to try more than one and compare your results.


The most accurate estimate of your future Social Security income is the annual statement mailed to your home. As an alternative, try the Social Security calculator.

You may want to attend one of our retirement planning workshops offered in April and October of each year.

NOTE: The University and the Benefits Office staff cannot provide investment advice to employees.