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Human Resources

Hiring a New Temporary/Hourly Employee

CWU employs temporary employees to meet short-term and intermittent workload needs.
Temporary/Hourly appointments may not exceed 1,050 hours in a twelve consecutive month period from the original date of hire.

REMINDER: Temporary/Hourly employees may not begin work until the background check and required paperwork is complete!

To ensure compliance with federal laws, consult with your Human Resources Consultant BEFORE offering your position.

The hiring supervisor has the responsibility to ensure that all requirements are met before a temporary/hourly employee begins working.

  1. Talk with your Human Resources Consultant (HRC) to determine title, length of appointment, pay rate, bargaining unit potential, and benefit eligibility. Reminder: Employee cannot begin work until entire hiring process is complete!
  2. Hiring supervisor must notify candidates to apply to the appropriate temporary/hourly pool through the jobs page.  If you would like to review a pool of applicants, contact your HRC.
  3. After selecting an applicant, contact your HRC requesting Department Approver access to the temporary/hourly pool (track 2).  Login to PeopleAdmin, search for the applicant, select the last name, hover over take action, select "Finalist - Send to Human Resources".
  4. HRC will initiate the background check. Supervisor: please let potential employee know that they will receive an email about the background check.
  5. Upon notification of completion of background check, hiring supervisor finalizes hiring process in PeopleAdmin by selecting the last name of the applicant, click "Start Hire Processing" (green +), complete all known fields and select "Next", then hover over "Take Action on Hire Processing" and select "Send to HR Consultant".
  6. Supervisor offers position to new employee.
  7. New employee will receive an email with instructions on completing required forms online (I-9, W-4, and direct deposit).
  8. Supervisor electronically submits Temporary Appointment Form (TAF) webform (the employee, human resources, and supervisor will receive an emailed copy of this form).
  9. Supervisor instructs employee to go to Human Resources with I-9 documentation on the first day of employment.

If the temporary work is similar to work performed by a represented classified cyclic employee who is on a period of cyclic leave, the temporary work should first be offered to the classified employee.

Generally, if a student is taking less than 6 credit hours for undergraduate or 5 credit hours for graduate, the individual is hired as a Temporary/Hourly employee.