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Telework Guidelines

Teleworking during COVID-19

Central Washington University is committed to safely and effectively meeting the public health challenge presented by COVID-19. Our commitment extends to ensuring that University employees are able to work with their supervisors to make arrangements to work from home or another remote location whenever necessary in the coming weeks.

What is teleworking?

Telecommuting is a work arrangement in which some or all of the work is performed from home or another off-site location. In general, regular office hours are worked and deviations from that schedule require supervisor approval.

What’s most important to starting a productive teleworking arrangement?

When clearly outlined and executed, teleworking arrangements can prove beneficial to employees and supervisors alike. Supervisors should articulate clear procedures regarding check-in times and hours of availability.

To assist in establishing and documenting a telework arrangement, the following documents are available:

Supervisor Tips for Teleworking during COVID-19

Guidelines and FAQ’s for Developing a Telework Agreement

Telework Forms

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