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Human Resources

Starting Points

In support of Central Washington University, Starting Points! provides a focal point of resources for CWU faculty, staff, and students who have issues or concerns that affect their employment and/or education. 

The materials provided are guides to assist with directing faculty, staff, and students where to go and who to contact--A starting point.  As this page grows, meeting the needs of our CWU community, we hope this will be an additional valuable resource.

Questions or suggestions on what to publish on the page, please contact Dale Lonowski at (509) 963-2407 or by email at

Starting Points: A Leadership Guide [PDF Letter Size] [PDF Postcard Size]
This printable guide was created as a quick-reference for when students go to a staff or faculty member with a complaint or an issue. 

Safe Space Resources
Safe Space provides information and tools on how to create an environment that is inclusive of the LGBTQ community.  These are some of the extensive resources provided by Center for Diversity and Social Justice:  what language to use on the course syllabi, how to respond to anti-LGBTQ biases, and  how to become an ally.

Sexual Assault, Harassment, and Violence
If a person on campus is a victim of sexual assault, harassment, and/or violence there are places to go that will provide assistance.  Refer to the Starting Points:A Leadership Guide for a point of contact.  View CWU's policy on sexual harassment and sexual assault.

For emergency response call 911.

For non-emergency response or for questions contact:

  • Office for Equal Opportunity & Professional Development (509) 963-2206
  • Public Safety & Police Services (509) 963-2959
  • ASPEN (24-hour assault response) 1 (866) 925-9384
  • SARC (Sexual Assault Response Coordinator) (509) 963-3233
  • Wellness Center Sexual Assault  (509) 963-3213

Public Safety Service

Public Safety & Police Services provides a great resource to walk faculty, staff, or students to different places on campus during night hours.

CWU, in collaboration with HopeSource, provide transportation around town.  Click on the link to view schedule.